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Image by Rob Lambert

Delta Welding Machines

We have a large collection of highly customized welding machines carefully crafted with the highest quality parts and utmost care;

1. TIG Inverter Welding Machine 300/400/600A:

  • Specially suited for thin plate welding

  • Lightweight & easy to carry

  • Easy initiation by high frequency

  • Stable welding arc, Simple operation, economic & reliable.

2. ARC Inverter Welding Machine 300/400/600A:

  • Low power consumption

  • light weight & easily portable

  • stable welding current

  • safety overload tripping

  • more efficient than conventional welding machines.

3. MIG Inverter Welding Machine 250/400/500/600A:

  • With high quality I.G.B.T's used in our machines, the quality of welding is higher compared to conventional machines as the current & voltage is adjusted by potentiometer to give precise & accurate outputs. 

  • Light weight and easily portable

  • Ideally suited for heavy fabrication when continuous welding is required.

  • Technical Specification:

    • Rated Input Voltage (V): 380-440V​

    • Rated Input Capacity (KVA): 12/14

    • Rated Duty Cycle (%): 60

    • Current Range (A); 40-400/500

    • Weight (KG): 47

    • Dimensions (mm): 825*566*310

4. TIG & ARC Inverter Welding Machine 200/300/400A:

  • Perfect for those applications where both TIG & ARC are required.

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